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Seems taking pictures might be something I'm good at. I've drawn, doodled, painted and molded but the thing people seem to like most about my art are the images I take. Enjoy.

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I often find myself able to get most art supplies fairly easily through the many local and regional shops at my disposal, also with my student discount. Unfortunately there is one area in which I am unable to spend whatever amount I want: Photography.

So this donation is actually for a camera bag. That's right, one of those sassy dA camera bags of about 6000 points would do me very proud as I hike around Scotland collecting photos and displaying them here for all of you to enjoy.

I realise this is kind of a greedy thing to ask for which is why I'm not expecting quick results, but a slow and long slog for the goal. I'm a very patient guy.

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Here we are again, writing a journal on a site that I don't keep as regularly updated as I probably should. I have a few more paintings and possibly some more images to post, but it'll probably be after may 9th before I get any of that done. I've got a presentation and an essay, the presentation is only in a few days as well, so hopefully things won't get too stressful. I plan on bringing a few of my paintings along to show off, and demonstrate the theory. Then after that an essay on democracy, should probably do better in that that I will in sociology, but only because I seem to always do better in politics. I guess it's mostly to do with the fact that politics has standard fact, and sociology can be interpreted to the point you don't know what you're talking about anymore.

In other news, I started playing FFXII and anyone who knows my opinions on Final Fantasy will know just how irritated I am by every moment of this game. Some might argue that I should shut my trap because I paid for an old game, when there are better and newer ones, but no, it's not graphics or innovation that's got me down, it's the fact that this game is nothing compared to the might of Final Fantasy 9 (you might argue FF7), already I hate the characters, the plot, the fact that half of the story was read to me instead of brought out in the game play, like in every other Final Fantasy.

On a more intellectual note, I've started reading for enjoyment again. A friend of mine recommended 'Dune' a book I have hated since childhood. I tried writing a review for it once, in highschool, and couldn't really get into it. Yet here I am again, having a go and actually enjoying it this time. The characters are the same, the places are the same, the themes are the same, but I'm the one who has changed. It's a good thing. Means that university is working and I can actually critically engage with this novel, whereas before it was just a jumble of things happening one after the other for no reason.

What else is there? Oh yeah, I started writing again... I mean proper story writing. I think I could possibly have a strong storyline, once uni is finished of course, that will actually be something I could continue with. Previously, when I've tried to write, I stayed away from the things I enjoyed because I didn't want to accidently copy one of my favourite stories. So this time I'm keeping myself firmly rooted in make-believe. A fantasy novel, well, it's going to be an epic, no it's too epic to be an epic. It's gonna be a Saga. Initially my idea is to have five characters meet in the first novel, split up in the second, have five individual books to themselves, before finally meeting back up in the last book. (I can't do small) I already have the characters lined up; the betrayed Prince, the exiled mage, the disowned slave, the banished knight and the useless healer. Actually just thought of that last one there, t'was thinking to myself, I have the magic user, the swordsman, the knight, the thief... what's missing: A healer of course.

Basically my idea spawns from the fact that I've always enjoyed 'worlds' fantasy, or otherwise, while never really engaging with real-world based fantasy. For example; Dragon Age, Discworld, Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, Mass Effect, Dune and so on. Like in Mass Effect I got more enjoyment from the articles about elements in the game, like Krogan Biology, or the geology of planets, than I did from the gameplay itself. I like the imagination and the creativity that goes into creating an entire political, environmental and sociological universe, the more complex and realistic the better. Whereas in fantasy based in the real world, like Harry Potter, there's a general sense of, oh this happens because you know this does. Whereas Mass Effect will properly explain how space ships travel, the Discworld explains how trains run, Dragon Age gives you a glimpse of the political unsteadiness of Dwarven culture and Dune uses science to explain how someone can practically tell the future from simple understanding. I just hope I can do something like this. Oh, Studio Ghibli, they do the same thing, kinda, Laputa's introduction was amazing.

I'm surprised I haven't ran out of space to write.

When talking to a friend about this, she immediately gave me something to think about: Eliminate magic. Or at the least rename it, make it magic without it being magic. I have to agree, while more difficult, it would make for a better story if I wasn't just falling back on magic to explain things, and then expecting people to understand or at least comply with that as a terrible answer to everything unexplainable in the world. So that's gonna be something to work out later on, means I'll have to take a more scientific approach to the creation of magic, hell, might work on that tonight if I have time.


Andrew Brennan
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United Kingdom
Hello, my name is Andrew and I enjoy taking long rambling walks, photography and painting the occasional image.



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